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Kamis, 04 Februari 2010



Read the following text:

Travel and tourism provide services of all types for both inbound and outbound travellers, and have become one of the world's fastest growing industries. International travel and tourism are the world's largest export earner and an important factor in the balance of payments of most nations. The market is increasingly diverse, covering not only traditional sunshine tourism and business trips but also many new types of travel that have developed in recent years. Tourism has become one of the world's most important sources of employment. It covers a wide range of jobs, including all branches of the travel industry, hospitality in hotels and restaurants, entertainment and recreation, as well as the tourist attractions in a particular region. Areas of work include Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Tourist Boards and Tourist Information Centres, Transport Companies, Tour Guides, Tourist Attractions.

Chose the correct answer.
1. a. For many countries tourism is an important source of income.
b. Tourism is not an important factor in the economy of most countries.
c. The travel and tourism industry is no longer growing.

2. a. Travel and tourism means sunshine tourism and business trips.
b. Travel and tourism means more than sunshine tourism and business trips.
c. No new types of tourism have developed in recent years.

3. a. The travel and tourism industry provides services only for incoming travellers.
b. The travel and tourism industry provides services only for travellers who want to
go abroad.
c. Travel and tourism provide services for both of the above types of people.

4. a. There are not many jobs in travel and tourism.
b. There are a lot of jobs in travel and tourism but they are always of the same kind.
c. There are a lot of jobs in travel and tourism and of many types.

How would you define the following types of tourism? Fill the gaps with one of these words.
adventure heritage
cultural language
ecotourism rural
health sport

Doctor Capello attended an international gynaecology conference in Helsinki. [congress] tourism
Jeff and his wife spent a week at a farmhouse in France and rode bicycles round the countryside. tourism [?]
We're interested in history and art so for our last holiday we went to Vilnius. tourism [?]
More and more young people spend a month in Canada to practise their English. tourism [?]
Jack and Jill went skiing in Austria last winter. tourism [?]
Last summer we went rafting and rock-climbing in Arizona. tourism [?]
Robert has rheumatism and he needs to lose some weight, so he's going to a spa for a month. tourism [?]
I thought the Railway Museum and Mining Museum were fascinating. tourism [?]
Elena and her husband went on a trip to the Danube Delta to look at the flora and fauna. [?]

Check what you know about areas of work in the travel and tourism industry. Read the descriptions below and choose the best definition, A or B.

1. Wanderlust Travel is a small family business that advises people about holidays and
books tickets for them.
a. Wanderlust Travel is a tour operator
b. Wanderlust Travel is a travel agency

2. Visit Britain's mission is to promote Britain as a tourist destination.
a. Visit Britain is a tourist board.
b. Visit Britain is a transport company.

3. Beagle Charter operates flights and ferry services throughout South America.
a. Beagle Charter is a tour operator.
b. Beagle Charter is a transport company.

4. Hadrian's Wall was constructed on the orders the Emperor Hadrian in A.D. 122 as the
most northern frontier of the Roman Empire and is visited by thousands of people
every year.
a. Hadrian's Wall is a tourist attraction.
b. Hadrian's Wall is a tourist information centre.

5. If you want leaflets or maps of the place you are visiting, go to one of these places.
a. A transport company.
b. A tourist information centre.

6. Giuliana is an art student and speaks three languages. In the summer she accompanies
groups of people round Florence and explains the history of the places they visit.

a. In the summer Giuliana works as a tour guide.
b. In the summer Giuliana works as a tour operator.

7. Peter's job in the company was to put together all-inclusive packages for trips to
a. Peter worked for a travel agency.
b. Peter worked for a tour operator.

Read the following text:

Tour Operators organise hotel bookings, flights, transfer arrangements and sell the tour as a package, either direct to the public or through a travel agency. They employ Representatives or Couriers to look after tourists. The couriers make sure that the travel arrangements run smoothly and deal with problems and emergencies as they happen. An important part of this job is liaison with coach drivers, ferry staff, customs and immigration officers, and with hotel staff at stopovers about accommodation and meals. They organise social activities, suggest excursions and give commentaries when travelling. Their work is usually seasonal. Hours are long and they spend most of the trip in the company of clients.

Chose the correct answer.

a. Tour operators only sell their packages to travel agencies.
b. Tour operators only sell their packages to the public.
c. Tour operators sell their packages to both travel agencies and the public.

a. A courier makes all the travel arrangements but doesn't travel with the clients.
b. A courier travels with the clients and solves any problems there may be.
c. Couriers do most of their work by telephone and fax.

a. Couriers never need to speak another language.
b. It is probably useful if a courier can speak another language.
c. Couriers don't need to speak the language of their clients.

a. Couriers don't usually work all year round.
b. Couriers never work all year round.
c. Couriers usually work all year round.

a. It's probably hard work being a courier.
b. A courier's job is easy.
c. Couriers usually have fixed working hours.

Use the correct word or expression from the list below to fill in the gaps in the sentences.
freelance safety
gardens sightseeing
paintings souvener
safety theme

Tourist guides often work [?], that is to say they work independently and offer their services to more than one employer, or else they are employed full-time by tour operators or other organisations to take groups to various destinations or on [?] tours. Most guides offer specialist knowledge of a particular subject e.g. local history or architecture. Many tourist attractions such as museums, [?] galleries, [?] parks like Disneyland, folk parks and visitor centres employ guides. On this side of the industry many other opportunities exist:

Receptionist - dealing with admissions, enquiries from the public and the [?] shop.

Warden - in direct contact with the public, looking after audio-visual presentations and responsible for the [?] of the exhibitions.

Crafts person - responsible for restoration and ongoing repairs.

Grounds Staff - looking after the grounds and [?].

Curators - specialists in a given field, for example textiles, buildings, furniture, [?] and so on.

1. What personal qualities do you think are needed for a career in travel and tourism?
Have a friendly and helpful manner

2. Enjoy dealing with people

3. Have a sense of initiative

4. Be well organised and well informed

5. Be patient and understanding

6. Be able to cope under pressure

7. Have a sense of responsibility

8. Have good communication skills, with a clear speaking voice

9. Have a good telephone manner

10.Have a knowledge of one or more foreign languages for many of the jobs.

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