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Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

alamat e-learning english


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I am logical and analytical by nature !!!

Phil Good morning, pleased to meet you.
Scholes Likewise, Phil. Please sit down and we’ll begin.
Phil OK, great.
Scholes Why do you want to pursue a career in personal banking, Phil ?
Phil Well, I’m very interested in financial matters. Finance is so important because it affects every aspect of our lives, which I find fascinating. Also, it seems that personal banking would best suit my personality, as I am logical and analytical by nature. I’m very good with numbers, and I enjoy working with statistics. However, I am also a team player, and being a personal banker would enable me to fuse these different aspects of my personality together.
Explanation :

By nature - Someone's nature in their character

Example : He is by nature inclined to be rather lazy.

He has been told off before

In mint condition

Lost your marbles

Smelt a rat

Set aside some money

Wipe out

Stamp out poverty

I'm in the dark

Take after

Make ends meet

Hit the sack

Can't judge a book by its cover

Just around the corner

Tied down with work

I could eat a horse

Lay your cards on the table

A close shave

A far cry from

Daylight robbery

A stone's throw away

Hanging out

Popping the question

Giving us a lift home

She is low in spirits

With open arms

He'll see red

You must be pulling my leg

Pass with flying colors

I'm nobody's fool

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Now you too can experience The true love of God.
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