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Selasa, 08 Maret 2011


The wolf and stork
A long, long time ago, the wolf and the stork were friends. One day, the wolf asked the stork to come to his house to eat.
When the stork arrived at the wolf’s house, the wolf put two bowls of soup on the table. The wolf ate his bowl of soup so quickly. When he finished, he asked the stork, “did you like my soup?”.
But the stork was angry because he couldn’t eat the soup. His beak was too long! When the stork when home, he was still hungry. The wolf laughed and laughed.
Then the stork had an idea. He asked the wolf to come to dinner. He filled two tall pitches with good soup. They began to eat. When the stork finished eating, he asked the wolf if he wanted more to eat.
But the wolf was angry. His mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it into the pitcher. The wolf went home hungry, and stork laughed and laughed.
The wolf and stork have never been friends ever since.

1. in which part does the writer identify the main character of the story, the time, and place. Where the story happened?
a. Orientation d. Identification
b. Complication e. Coda
c. Resolution
2. what does the writer want with the story?
a. to entertain the readers
b. to tell the readers about his/her personal experiences
c. to explain about how to do something
d. to tell about pass event
e. to share the writer’s experiences with readers
3. which is true according to the text?
a. the wolf and the stork didn’t know each other
b. the wolf and the stork were new friends
c. at the first stork invited the wolf to come to his house
d. the stork’s mouth was too big to eat soup
e. the wolf didn’t eat good soup and was still hungry
4. his mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it into the pitcher.
the underlined word means…
a. a deep rounded dish d. tall container for liquids
b. a wide pane e. a kind of glasses
c. a fraying pan
5. which is not true according to text?
a. the stork couldn’t eat soup from the pitcher
b. the stork ha d trouble eating soup from a bowl
c. the wolf finished the first bowl of soup quickly
d. the wolf and the stork hated each other after the incident
e. the stork ate soup at his own house
6. “He filled two tall pitchers with good soup” (paragraph 4)
The underlined word means…
a. ate up d. poured
b. drank e. made full
c. cooked

An overseas collage requires highly motivated, hard working, professional ”FULL TIME” staff for;
1. lecturer of IT
2. Lecturer of Commerce
3. Head of marketing
4. head of master programmed
- Bachelor of Master Degrees from an overseas university (1-4)
- Strong background in programming technique, data structures, mathematics, and statistics(1-2)
- Minimum one year experience (1-4)
- Have good contacts with high schools (3)
- Proven managerial and leaderships skills (3-4)
- Fluency in English, spoken & written (1-4)
Send your CV and supporting documents.
To HRD INTI Collage
Fax No: (021) 565 4970
Before May 2008

7. what is the text above about?
a. a letter of complaint d. an advertisement of a job vacancies
b. A full time occupation e. a hard working and professional worker
c. a story of an overseas collage
8. “An overseas collage requires highly motivated. Hard working.”
The underlined word means…
a. needs d. teaches
b. offers e. educates
c. employs
9. which of the following statement is true according to the text?
a. we can send our applicant letter on may 27, 2008
b. the applicant can apply for all the occupation without experiences
c. all the occupation need experiences at least twelve months.
d. To apply for head of marketing should not be able to speak English
e. The Applicant with 2 years experience can’t apply for the job
10. which of the following will be enclosed by the applicant as the supporting document?
a. copy of certificate of Bachelor of Master Degrees
b. Personal Identity Card d. Application letter
c. Driving license e. Marriage certificate
11. Rearrange these jumbled sentences to make a good paragraph!
1. it was an old village built by Dutch colonist
2. this was in the old days when the country was still province of Great Britain
3. Rip Van Winkle lived in a little village at the foot of the Catskill Mountain
4. some of the houses were still built from the yellow brick
The best arrangement is….
a. 4-3-2-1 d. 3-1-4-2
b. 1-3-2-4 e. 3-1-2-4
c. 3-2-4-1
12. Jack; Don’t talk so much when I’m reading. It makes me angry, you know.
Linda: ………….I just want to tell you my story. Thanks for listening to me
a. I agree d. I’m sorry
b. I like it e. Yes, I do
c. Shut up!
13. Betty ; I’m so embarrassed because I can’t speak English fluently
Harry: ….Let’s learn and practice it more together
a. that’s good! D. I don’t think it’s a big deal!
b. Don’t be scared! e. oh, poor you!
c. Sorry about that

Body language is an important part of every language. This body language, however, is interpreted differently from culture to culture.
An American- style smile, for example, is big and friendly. Americans are never afraid of showing their teeth. They don’t cover their smile with their hands because they think that such a gesture is a silly thing to do. In fact, putting the hand in front of the mouth when laughing is considered impolite. It means that you are making fun of the other person.
Eye contact
When speaking, Americans don’t close their eyes. This eye contact is very important in the U.S.. They believe that ‘honest people look at you directly, dishonest people look to the side, and embarrassed people look down’. If you close your eyes while talking with them, they will think you either bored or asleep.
14. what is the topic of the text above?
a. language d. eye contact
b. Body language e. important language
c. laughing
15. what is interpreted differently by people from different cultures?
a. laughing d. Body language
b. eye contact e. the way of people smile
c. An American style
16. which is not correct according to the text?
a. according to the Americans smiling is unfriendly
b. American think covering their smile with their hands is a silly thing to do
c. Every language has a body language
d. When speaking, according to American, it will be polite to look at ne’s opponent
e. The eye contact is very important
17. “…embarrassed people looked down” (the last paragraph)
the underlined word has similar meaning to…
a. be polite d. be brave
b. be ashamed e. be inferior
c. be impolite
18. “…Honest people look at you directly…”
What does the underlined word refer to?
a. American d. the reader
b. the people e. dishonest people
c. the writer
19. Dentist: open your mouth!
Mother: what did the doctor tell you?
Son : he told me…
a. that I opened his mouth d. to open your mouth
b. if I opened your mouth e. to open my mouth
c. open your mouth
20. Prof. : Are there any creatures on Mars?
Andre : what did the professor ask?
John : He asked you…
a. is there any creatures on Mars d. that there was any creatures on Mars
b. was there any creatures on Mars e. whether there were any creatures on Mars
c. there was any creatures on Mars
21. Mother : Don’t be so noisy, Sandra. The baby is sleeping.
Sandra : Okay, mom.
From the dialogue we know that mother said to Sandra…because the baby was sleeping.
a. he wasn’t so noisy d. to be not so noisy
b. not to be so noisy e. not be so noisy
c. don’t be so noisy

Rainy season is good season for planting crops (22)….farmers do not make extra work to flow water form ditch to irrigate the young crops. For crops which do not need a lot of water for the (23)… the harvest farmer begin to plan when the rainy season is almost over. During the rainy season the earth is easy (24)…..then the seeda is easily (25) ….in the earth. Rain water fulfill the need of water for the growth and by the beginning of dry season sunshine will have given (26)….needed for ripening maturing the products.
22. a. because d. although
b. because of e. moreover
c. therefore
23. a. grow d. growth
b. grew e. growing
c. grown
24. a. plough d. to be ploughing
b. to plough e. ploughing
c. to be ploughed
25. a. pulled of d. inserted
b. treated e. harvested
c. taken
26. a. bright d. fertilizer
b . whither e. heat
c. crops

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