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Selasa, 08 Maret 2011

Principles for teaching CALL

Principles for teaching CALL
1. EVALUATE THE APPROPriateness of the software program or computer-based resource (e.g., game or Web site):

Expertise learners who determine what they know about a task are more likely to engage in productive work. Does the program pretest learners to evaluate what portions of the program will be of most use to them? Teachers can help in this process by identifying each lrearner’s strengths and weaknesses and supplying appropriate software. In the program at a challenging level for your learners?
Motivation learners are usually faced with extrinsic motivation and manufacture intrinsic motivation when it suits them. Teachers and learners need to create motivation through establishing goals and understanding how CALL acivities can help achieve them.
Program objectives is it clear what the program aims to accomplish in term of learning? Are these objectives realistic?
Target audience many CALL materials may be aimed at specific audience such as business people or primary students. Is the program petched at students in your class?
Cognitive overhead how difficult is it to learn how to use the program?
Cost is the program worth it? Is it better to get a few stand-alone copies rather than an expensive site-license?
Pedagogical approach

2. Acherss

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