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Senin, 13 Juli 2009


Every person in this life needs a job to their life in the future. Job is very important to us. It is activity which looked by many person in our society. Especially, after graduated from high school. In Indonesia, people would make a job self and will developing use of their ideas.
Peoples developing my own shop have reason that it will conducted to do it. Once of them are be independent people, it was be symbol that person success. Although must get improvement again. From here we will get many experiences that help us to prepare the next a ways. We will do it by energetic and happily. So, my own shop be more well.
How about to do the passage above. It’s by sure wish and believes that my own shop could be developed. Thus, the consistence attitude discipline schedule of target benefit so good if doing habitually. Although we will saw the developing of my own shop, we can’t relax and just sit or waiting consumer; but we must always and to study of entrepreneur management which to be good development fluency. The last steps are looking better opportunity use. Consist of developing areas.
So, the last part of them that we will able to develop my own shopping. Believe, studying fluently and looking better opportunity was help us to our shop. Consumer can’t go away that true will increase our benefits and science in the economic. As the best shop where consist our ideas be reality, we must be consistence and so discipline and always join to today era. More perfect shop got by us. Believe it and to be right in your life.
The holiday was come to this day. Many persons traveling to the tourism. They go there with family, friends or their teachers in the school. Everyone was happy by welcome holiday. This time use to take a rest of everyday activities. Usually, they are go to the place where could give them relax and refresh to their body. They use to go there by bus or by car, but to day many person use a car than a bus. So, from here some cause and effect will be applied.
Because we have the improvement of car to use transport into tourism. In here have any reason of them. They said that using a car consist of just their family and a group of friends. Beside that, we knew the degree of economy of society have been increase. Last, society many used transport by bus, because of their reason that more cheap and judgment to day each of person will have a car of personal. So, we could describe that their economy was more deeply than last years.
From those opinions, we know have a cause to them. More many cars used going to tourism, this might stand in way while they pass to those place. We will need more time to until the tourism and traffic will late. In the other one, the pollution of many cars used them made disturb healthy of society their self of other people the air pollution didn’t decrease but the hand will increase. So, from those result we should looking the solutions.
The last paragraph, we know that to day especially to this holiday many person using a car to their travel beside of increase the degree economy other that they are enjoy and more comfortable than use other transports. But, in addition some result will be applied of their car, like the air pollution came in the ways and could disturb their healthy. So, we must take care if will using a car to go to tourism, although it made us enjoy and comfortable. We must get balance between in the cause and result. If we didn’t put away the negative effects. So, the good day to travel using a car, remember carefully.

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