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Senin, 13 Juli 2009


June 26,2009

1. Tes Writing Skills
Num. Skills of Writing Meaning
1 Language Use
The ability to write correct and appropriate sentences
2 Mechanical skills The ability to use correctly those conventions peculiar to the written language.
3 Treatment of content The ability to think creatively and develop thoughts, excluding all irrelevant information
4 Stylistic skills The ability to manipulate sentences and paragraphs and use language effectively
5 Judgement skills The ability to write in an appropriate manner for a particular purpose with particular audience in mind, together with an ability to select, organize and order relevant information

2. Testing Composition Writing
Num. Types of writing Design of test Criteria
1 Basic level Letter; Postcard; Diary Entry; Forms No confusing errors of grammar or vocabulary; a piece of writing legible and readily intelligible; able to produce simple unsophisticated sentences
2 Intermediate level As Basic level, plus guide; Set of instructions Accurate grammar, vocabulary and spelling, though possibly with some mistakes which do not destroy communication; handwriting generally legible; expression clear and appropriate, using a fair range of language; able to link themes and points coherently.
3 Advanced Level As intermediate level, plus Newspaper report; Notes Extremely high standards of grammar, vocabulary and spelling; easily legible handwriting; no obvious limitations on range of language candidate is able to use accurately and appropriately; ability to produce organised, coherent writing, displaying considerable sophistication.

3. Setting The Composition
Kinds of type Meaning
Type 1 Imagine that this is your diary showing some of your activities on certain days. Thus write a letter to your friends about 100 words.
Type 2 With Question and you write in the message. its about 150-200 words
Type 3 Reply the letters with limit the amount of information.
Type 4 Students must demonstrate their ability to change a text of dialogue from one register to another.
Type 5 Writing information from simple table
Type 6 Such writing tasks of the graph or histogram
Type 7 Writing toke the form of notes, like; no smoking etc.
Type 8 Writing from pictures
Type 9 Writing from diagram and pictures
Type 10 Describe shapes and linear form of each pictures

4. Grading The Composition
Num. Methods Meaning
1 The Impression Method It based on the total impression of the composition as a whole
2 The Analytic Method This method depends on a marking scheme which has been carefully drawn up by the examiner or body of examiners
3 Mechanical accuracy or Error Count Method The procedure consist of counting the errors made by each testee and deducting the number from a given total

5. Treatment of Writing Errors
This is necessary in classroom test to distinguish between those errors which though perhaps not resulting in any breakdown in communication, indicate that the student has failed to learn something which has just been taught or which should have been mastered previously

6. Objective tests; mechanics
a. Punctuation
Kinds of type Meaning
Type 1 It’s putting both punctuation and capital letters in the passage
Type 2 Put the correct punctuation and sometime completed the less words
Type 3 A greater degree of objectivity can be obtained by using the multiple choice technique

b. Spelling
Kinds of type Meaning
Type 1 Dictation
Type 2 Multiple choice
Type 3 Completion items
Type 4 Error-recognition items

7. Objective Tests; Style and Register
a. Style
Using the Multiple choice items

b. Register
Type 1 The students identify words which are incongruous, replacing each with a much more suitable word
Type 2 Matching test

8. Controlled writing
Kinds of type Meaning
Type 1 The students are given a short reading extract and then required to write a similar paragraph
Type 2 Oblique strokes
Type 3 Reading Extract
Type 4 Involving subordination and co-ordination
Type 5 Finish the incomplete sentences
Type 6 Giving the testees considerable freedom of expression is the two sentences text designed to measure the ability to form coherent unit of language


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