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Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

cross culture understanding

Why do we have to know culture?
We can be the right man in the right place
Simply, we can say that culture is the way the people behave.
It comes from society living together in a definite place.
Cross culture
Cross culture cross culture understanding: knowing and understanding certain culture of other countries.
Cross culture awareness: adjusting and assimilating with new culture that we involve
culture problems
Confusing of everything that we don’t know at all
Culture shock
Shocking of new culture
Determining that everything is wrong.
The differences
The differences of custom and habit is not a bad or good thing and wrong or true matter, but it is just different.
some American daily manners
On time
No care each other
Please and apologize
Like to give a party
Obedience on rules implemented
Work and play hard
Table manner
Other American characters
Open minded
Straight forward
High appreciation
Activities On campus
Friday night life in the beginning of term
Dead day
International student potluck
In class activities
Student attendance
Student-student interaction
Teacher and student interaction
Helpful teacher
Student consultation access
Learning activity
That’s all this presentation

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