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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010



Title of the book : Profesinal Guru dan Implementasi kurikulum ( The professional of teachers and Implementation of Curriculum )
Writers : Dr. H. Syafruddin Nurdin, M.Pd. and Drs. M. Basyiruddin Usman, M.Pd.
Publiser : Ciputat Press in Jakarta of the Year 2002
Thick : 146 page
Reviewer : Isna M. Sholikhah

The teacher is the job came a long time in the world, although the meaning, function, task area, and sociology in the society have been changed. In fact, this job changed from the characteristic of to be believed and manipulated. There were to be decrease of many other job in the society.
Moreover, the target Learning in the government will be success will created by producing of education in this nation. Where is in here the teacher have central position and needed, we know that in the reality the teacher didn’t consider with must do it. The result, the hope to created creative and professional teachers will be lost because they haven’t the base strong teach in our country. From here the professional as teacher must be enter and helping education in Indonesia.
This book under the title The professional of teachers and Implementation of Curriculum showed how a teacher to be professional in teaching learning process. It is can increase references civitas academic that like study in education, students until lecturer. This book can help them to implementation of teaching curriculum and in the teaching learning process. Especially to get desain, planning, and to presentation this subject. In addition, have a few of decrease too in here. But little. Like in the behind of a half part shortcoming of many meaning didn’t important mention again. So, make the reader to be back confused. And in the part of behind often knew running on word.
In here mention that professionals are teacher know from what material , how they teach about the subject, know ways the best to teach and more important they know what the reason why they choose something for all part in the teaching to get intregrated performance a techer or lecturer must have them according Rochman Natawidjaya (1990)
Iike the diagram below:
In this book mention too about taxsmoni blooms Cs., about how the ways implementation of curriculum and many thing about CBSA Method teching learning process with completed. Insure they are help you to be professional teacher or lecturer. Lets read!

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